How do I learn?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my job lately. I’ve been evaluating the past two months and the circumstances in my office and some of the things that happened. I’m learning more about myself.

How do I learn? I need to think things over for a while. I need time and space to do this. I’ll have emotional reactions about things and then I have to figure out WHY I had those emotional reactions. Sometimes it takes me a few weeks to piece things together. I learn by talking to other people and getting their perspectives on things. I add that to the mental soup I’m sifting through in my mind. I journal – writing my thoughts down on paper helps bring clarity to what I’m mulling over.

So what have I learned in the past week? I like to be managed in a specific way. I need a framework to operate from. So if it’s something completely new to me I need someone to show me the best way to do it. I am NOT one to just go ahead and figure things out for myself when in completely foreign territory. But once I’ve got the framework, I need the freedom to figure things out for myself. I listen to people’s suggestions and I evaluate whether that will work for me or not. I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t like people taking over.

There are different personality types and different management styles. The trick is to figure out which management style will work best for which personality type.

I’m growing and I’m feeling excited about how I’m growing. It is liberating to understand oneself and to be able to communicate that to others.

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