Exciting news

Well, no, not really.  It’s just that my hubby said I should blog because I haven’t blogged in a while.  Sorry, no incredibly profound thoughts rattling around here.  Here’s a blip into my life:

  • tired, so very tired – work is taking a lot out of me, but after March it should slow down a bit
  • I’m taking holidays the first week of April so I’m looking forward to trying to rest – but maybe I’ll worry so much about making sure that I rest during those 10 days I’m off that I won’t actually rest and the closer I get to the end of my holidays and the lack of ‘resting’ happening, the more stressed I’ll get so by the time I get back to work I’ll be just as stressed (or maybe worse) than I am right now – that doesn’t sound very good at all; please pray for rest for me – I haven’t been doing a lot of it lately
  • I received an awesome expensive flat iron for Christmas and am loving it!  Doing my hair is so much easier with that thing
  • I love going on adventures with my little girl.  On Saturday we went to Pooh Corner at the Library and then we went through a touchless car wash (as a kid, it was rare that we went through a car wash and I always remember it being so fascinating for me), and we had lunch at Tim Horton’s.  It was a lot of fun.
  • Still learning lots about being a manager and leading people, learning about the unnecessary stresses I put upon myself – still needing work on becoming free of those ones
  • Reading through the Bible in one year.  I’ve got a one year Bible that puts the books of the Bible and Bible passages in chronological order, which I love as I like to relate the different prophetic books with what was happening in Israel’s history in particular
  • reading through Deuteronomy – I get the sense that Moses really knew the heart of God
  • just created a “Jar of Doom” for the boys – for any infractions (not following the rules or doing their chores, or not listening, etc.) they’ll have to draw a piece of paper from the “jar of doom” and do what it says – I’ll keep you posted as to how it’s been working after we used it for a while

That’s all for now…

3 Replies to “Exciting news

  1. Carol, I’m so glad you posted. I’ve been concerned about you and you have been in my prayers often. I’d love to get together with you when you have time off in a few weeks. I’ll be in the city with my student from March 31 – April 9. He’s in a program and I’m basically just his chauffeur so I’ve got the entire day to spend as I please. I’ll be in touch with you about this. Take care.

  2. Good to hear about what is happening in your life. Love the “Jar of Doom” idea. Plus it was great to hear about the adventures with your little girl. I am looking forward to exploring the world with my daughter! Also, I am impressed that you are reading through the Bible in one year. I tried to read Proverbs in one month and dismally failed! Maybe next month!

  3. LOL. I love the “Jar of Doom”!!! Please say that you always say it in a deep scary voice… I definitely want to hear updates about how it works out.

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