Interesting work-related articles

I read a couple of very interesting articles in the Globe & Mail this week.

1. Stress: Public-Health Enemy Number 1?

Here’s just 2 excerpts – it’s worth reading the whole article.

“Across the country, people are experiencing increasing levels of stress. A poll commissioned by The Globe found that Canadians endure, on average, 14 stressful episodes a week. That might not come as a surprise to the researchers behind the latest report from the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, which recently revealed that one working person in five is experiencing high levels of “crunch time” – periods when they feel overwhelmed by overcrowded inboxes and jammed weekly schedules.”

“Chronic stress caused by taking on too much – both at home and at work – has been linked to a wide range of serious health concerns, from Alzheimer’s and depression to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In Canada, hypertension is the No. 1 reason people go to the doctor, and last year accounted for almost 20.7 million medical appointments. / The physical and psychological ailments brought about by stress are believed to be a major reason absentee rates for full-time employees have shot up 43 per cent in the past 10 years. Canadians miss far more work days for personal reasons than both their British and American counterparts. At least one think tank estimates that stress-related absences cost employers more than $10-billion a year, with an additional $14-billion impact on the health-care system.”

2. Work-Life Balance: Why Your Boss Should Care

“Our inability to balance our jobs and our home life is costing corporate Canada as much as $10-billion a year in rising absenteeism, lost output, lower productivity, missed deadlines and grumpy customers, according to estimates by business professors Linda Duxbury of Carleton University and Christopher Higgins of the University of Western Ontario.”

I can relate to these articles, particularly at this time of year (which is the busiest time of year for my job).  High levels of stress, lower productivity, missed deadlines – they’re all part of my life right now.  Add to that a high level of turnover in our office over the past three years.  It’s taking a toll on me.

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