Grace is a choice

Maybe I should clarify: receiving grace is a choice. My husband and I were talking about grace last night. I’m feeling frustrated because I can’t seem to ‘get it’. I still find myself trying to earn my worth and live up to perceived expectations. Sometimes when it comes right down to it, and you know the truth in your head (that God’s love and acceptance have no conditions), you just have to CHOOSE to accept the truth and respond based on what you know, not on how you feel.

It’s the same with worship. Worship is a choice. I don’t worship God only when I’m feeling ‘in the mood’ to worship. I choose to worship, whether I’m feeling joyful or miserable. And the more I make that choice, especially when I don’t ‘feel’ like worshipping, the easier it becomes to do just that – worship despite my circumstances.

I suspect grace is probably the same way. The more I choose to accept grace and not what I’m feeling, the easier it will become to accept it regardless of what I’ve done or not done. I’ll have to try it out and see.

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  1. sounds like the spirit gave you wisdom in this area. everyone’s struggles are differnet. they have come from different backgrounds, different experiences and the way god made all of us is different too.

    Sounds like God is really going right to the root on this one. From the way you grew up and so on, there’s some unravelling to do. But your willing heart and desore to serve Him will defeat it.

    You probably walk in grace alot more than you think!!!!

  2. Okay girl, you’re back on! I have to agree with LT, if you didnt’ post something soon……

    Anyway, lately I’ve been thinking of grace more along the lines of my desperate need for it. When I look at my list of what I need to do and know that there’s no way I can do it on my own strength, it isn’t hard to go to the Father and plead for the grace (His power at work in me to do what I can’t do) I need to be equal to the tasks at hand. I’ve been amazed at how days, even moments have changed when I simply remember to ask for it. It isn’t an unconcious thing as of yet, don’t know if it will ever be. I jsut know I really suck without it.

  3. I was pondering along these lines yesterday morning. Just thinking about the difference between the work of setting aside time, energy and space for relationship and the work of trying to obtain favor, acceptance, and approval in relationship. Very different work. Healthy relationship (with God or others) takes work, but not in the latter area. It begins with the confidence of the other’s love and acceptance of us. I think that’s why dating relationships and even the beginning of friendships are so full of unrest and fear…because that confidence is not there yet. And that’s why some relationships never get off the ground and some people are never at peace.

    Wow, those are deep thoughts for a Monday…

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