My place of refuge

I think I posted a couple of months ago that I was working on a ‘prayer room’ in our home. It’s a tiny room in our basement (8’x7′) that we renovated when we put up insulation . Previously, it was a very ugly storage room. Well, we got up the drywall eventually and then it took several months before I finished with all the mudding and sanding (boy is that tedious, time-consuming work!). We decided that this room would be for me – my own special place where I can escape from everyone else.

The room has been primed and painted and I’ve been using it for a few months now. I had ordered some Partylite holders (a tealight lamp that hangs from the ceiling, a beautiful wall sconce that I’ve been eyeing for a long time now and this neat little end table with candles) and I received those last weekend. Today I painted the door that was an ugly grey/brown color and hung a print that I’ve wanted to have in this room. The transformation is nearly complete. I purchased some muslin today and am hoping to hang that from the overhead floor joists as a makeshift ceiling tomorrow.

My prayer room is loaded with candles (when I use this room, I just go on candlelight) as well as a CD player with soothing ‘relaxation’ music. I’ve really been enjoying my room and find that it really helps when I use it. Life is so busy and particularly stressful at this time of the year (with work and home circumstances). I can feel myself getting sucked into a vortex of chaos if I don’t take some time to be by myself. This room is my refuge in the midst of the storm.

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  1. You inspired me to take more time for myself and reflect more! Btw… I added you to my blog list. Hope that is okay.

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