Canadian Politics 101

I thought this person summed things up very well on his Facebook group “Get Informed: The Pro’s and Con’s of a Coalition Government”:

“I feel there is a great majority of Canadians that think this is a bad thing or think it is a coup. This rises from a misunderstanding of how our government works. In the current situation in Canada, Stephen Harper is the leader of a MINORITY government. This means that 7 weeks ago the MAJORITY of Canadians didn’t vote Conservative. In this situation, where a minority government is in power, it has to work with the other parties to govern Canada effectively. This is because Stephen Harper or any leader of a minority has to maintain the confidence of the House. Stephen Harper has with his MINORITY, ignored the MAJORITY and therefore is ignoring the majority of Canadians and their interests. Not only that last week he wanted to strip away government funding of political parties. This would destroy nearly every party except his own. Does that not sound like a dictatorship move? This coalition was formed because of the actions of Stephen Harper and represents a majority of Canadian votes. Stephen Harper has lost the confidence of the House and therefore deserves to be removed from power for his lack of action in this economic mess the world is facing. This coalition is completely legal and represents the majority of Canadians votes in the last election. This just highlights the 3 major opposing parties realizing a need to WORK TOGETHER during these troubled times instead of Mr. Harper who has no plan for this country and no respect for any other party besides his own.”