An picture of God’s patient love

God gave me a glimpse of what His love is like today.

I’m in the midst of toilet training my daughter.  She has some constipation issues and as a result does not like to do #2.  I had her sitting on the toilet as I was sure she was going to have to go.

She did not want to be there.  She was yelling and screaming, but I stayed firm that she needed to sit there as this was something she needed to learn.  She was too upset to hear what I was saying.  She was too upset to let me comfort and reassure her.  So I sat there in the bathroom with her.  I didn’t try to hug her because that’s not what she wanted.  I just stayed with her, never leaving her through her kicking and screaming and tears.

And suddenly God showed me that this is what He is like.

In the times when I’m in agony – all I can see and feel is my pain.  I’m too upset to listen, I’m too upset to be comforted.  I feel so terribly alone.  But God is always with me.  He never leaves me.  Even though I can’t see Him through my tears, even though I can’t feel Him because I’m kicking and screaming.  He never leaves me.  He sits there with me in my pain and waits patiently for the time when I’ve calmed down enough for Him to come and comfort me and tell me that He loves me and that everything will be ok.

God is so awesome!  He is so patient and loving!  What a beautiful picture!

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