The subscription widget

Well… I’ve actually kept this blogging thing up for over 5 weeks now. This might actually become a “thing”. That being said, I don’t consider myself a ‘serious’ blogger – I’m not researching how to develop my blog or get more traffic or anything like that. I’ve basically just written down my thoughts. But I found out some bloggers have subscription lists – I was talking with a fellow blogger, Lani over at All This Crazy Grace, a few weeks ago and she said she doesn’t really follow blogs unless she’s subscribed to them. That way she gets an email whenever there is a new post on the blog she’s following. Hmm…

After a bit of digging around my blogging software, I found the subscription widget and installed it on the front page of my blog today. So there you go, Lani, you can subscribe to my blog. And if any of you other folks (who I don’t know are actually reading this blog) want to ‘subscribe’ to my blog, you can go to my home page and at the top right you can enter your email address, click ‘subscribe’ and all my new posts will be emailed to you.

On another note, I follow a number of blogs as well but I don’t subscribe to them. I use a RSS feed instead. It would be similar to a subscription except new posts from all the blogs I follow show up all together in one app or on a website. I use the app on my phone (but you can use it on your computer as well). It’s fairly user friendly. You need to create an account and once you’re logged in you can choose “Add Content” and use that to search the blogs you want to follow by title, url or topic. Once the blog is added to your ‘feed’, you’ll see new posts showing up on the main window with the titles in bold.

So there you go – ways to follow me and ways to follow blogs on the internet. Have a nice day.

subscription widget