Thankful List

I admit that I don’t often verbalize thankfulness. ¬†As today is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good time to start a “thankful list”:

  • a loving husband
  • a family that knows it loves each other
  • my middle son – he’s a lot of fun to be with, he’s healthy and strong and loves his family
  • my oldest son – despite all his challenges and difficulties, he’s a good kid deep down inside and God loves him dearly
  • my parents – they’re still alive and generally healthy; they love me
  • my daughter – what joy she brings; she’s full of life and she loves freely
  • my health – I take it for granted
  • the ability to excel in my job
  • skills gained through experience that can be used in a variety of fields
  • the ability to provide together with my husband for our family
  • sight – if I were blind I would never be able to see the beauty of God’s creation
  • the wind – I love the feel of it blowing on my face and stirring my hair
  • fresh air, especially after a rain
  • rainbows – brilliant, beautiful, reminders of God’s mercy and grace
  • springtime – when everything becomes new again
  • the sky – the deep blue, clouds in all their diversity and beauty, the stars, the northern lights
  • birds – they soar above the confines of the earth; they remind me of how my spirit longs to soar
  • rest – the act of renewing and rejuvenating the body, soul, and mind
  • music (and the ability to hear it) – it stirs the soul and expresses emotions we cannot put into words
  • colour
  • variety in life, in experiences
  • the strength of the human spirit to persevere and endure hardship
  • the grace of God – which sustains us, fragile and broken as we are
  • the love of God
  • salvation – that I can be a friend and child of God
  • heroes – who go beyond the ordinary to help and save their fellow man
  • strength of character – noble, honest, strong, self-sacrificing for the greater good
  • books – you can experience different people and places
  • The Lord of the Rings – the best book ever! Where the weak and lowly outshine the strong, and good triumphs over evil
  • light
  • the warmth of the sun
  • the sensation of sleeping under sunlight streaming through a window

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