Church Culture

I see ‘church culture’ in one form as something (structures, processes, attitudes) that is unique to the majority of North American evangelical churches.  I see it as something that is probably not directly biblical but has become so much a part of our concept of ‘church’ that we almost believe that without it, we are lacking in our spiritual walk with God. 

As I’ve been thinking about what the essence of the Gospel is, I’ve also felt it necessary to examine common church structures.  What things that are a part of ‘church’ are simply ‘church culture’ and not necessarily what is laid out in the Bible as a process or structure to model?  Some of the things I find myself examining are: Sunday School and the Sunday morning sermon.  Are these biblical models?  And if not, where did they come from?  What is the history behind them?  Are there other (and possibly better) alternatives?  I’ll post more as I dig deeper into this.