Catering Chaos

I’m sitting here at my computer, waiting for the server in Vancouver to get back online so I can log into my workstation.  Right now we’re functioning with 2 catering people instead of 4.  It’s chaos at work!  Two people moving onto different jobs within less than a month of each other can wreak havoc on an office.

So I’ve been doing work from home where the phones are not ringing, there are no ‘walk-ins’ wanting to see function space – no interruptions.  It’s nice.  Although I hate having to do this.  I don’t like it when my work infringes on my personal time, but for right now it’s the only way I’m going to keep my head somewhat above water.

We have hired someone for one of the positions and we’re actively seeking another person to cover the other position.  The only thing is the new person has to learn the catering computer software and what’s involved in the position, so she won’t really be able to contribute for a few weeks yet.  Just in time for the other catering person to go on maternity leave. 

Aahhh…it will be an interesting summer.  I think I will survive.  The summer typically slows down for all the market segments. Except mine, of course, which is ‘social’ – weddings, anniversaries, etc.  And right now I’ve got a double whammy.  I book the government groups, which book 1-3 weeks before the meeting, and they’re all trying to get all their meetings in before everyone goes on holidays in July.  But I’ve also got to get my July weddings finalized at this time, too, because I need to get their stuff done preferably one month before the wedding (and we could have up to 4 or 5 weddings going on in one day). 

But really, the summer is the ‘slower’ time of the year for catering.  As long as we’ve people in place who can handle it by September, we should be ok.  That’s when it really gets crazy – meetings, conferences, some social events.  It doesn’t slow down until the week before Christmas.

There’s a little clip of my world.  I’d better go and try to login again.

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  1. Good thing you’ll be going on maternity leave. When you’re farther along, there will be more stuff that might have to be designated out. Means the person you send on the jobs will be the stressed one too. lol 😀

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