Humbled and honoured that you would join me

It has been one month of daily blogging.  NaBloPoMo is officially over!

I ran into an acquaintance yesterday.  We grew up in the same small town and are friends on Facebook.  She told me she’s been reading my blog this month.  Really?  And this morning when I tried to pop onto my blog, an error message came up saying my bandwidth was exceeded.  My IT husband told me that is because a lot of people are reading my blog (and thank goodness for him, he could very easily remedy the problem).  Again I say, “really?”  I know there are the handful of friends I’m fairly close to that read my blog.  But beyond that, I’m always surprised to find out there are others reading as well.

I feel humbled and honoured that you would join me in my journey.  I am but one voice and there are many, many other voices with varied and rich stories to tell.  Who am I, that you would take an interest in my story?  I’ve never been one seeking a blog ‘following’.  It doesn’t really matter to me if there are 2 or 200 reading my blog.  I use this space as a way to process what I’m thinking (sometimes I do a lot of thinking) and as an opportunity to share what I’m learning about life. I haven’t ‘arrived’ yet so I’m sharing as I go, sometimes stumbling through the mud and sometime leaping through the meadows.  I think I’ve gained a bit of wisdom along the way and I’m very happy to share that with you.

My greatest desire is to make the world a better place by helping others, whether that is an encouraging word or volunteering at my daughter’s school or helping a client plan an event.  In the realm of this blog, it brings me joy to think I am able to spread some empathy and hope and encouragement to others along their journeys.  Let us never feel we are alone.  May there always be a listening ear and someone to say “me, too.”  Though I don’t hear from many of you (apparently) may this blog be a space shedding a little more light in your world.  I am honoured that you have chosen to spend some of your time here.