September’s been busy

Oh wait… we’re in OCTOBER already. Well September’s been so busy it hasn’t really sunk in that we’re actually in October yet.

New employees at work, new people to train, busiest conference season of the year… it’s been intense.

Home renos.

Not a lot of breaks.

Daughter did a faceplant off a slide on Friday (her nose looks NASTY! – it’s now a disgusting shade of green, but she’s a trouper). Daughter got the stomach flu on Saturday.

Rest of family sick with stomach flu on Monday. Have been home sick for the past two days.

Seeing friends from afar this Saturday – really looking forward to it.

Going to try to take a break in the next couple of weeks.

Too much to do… too little time to do it.

Coming to accept that I just won’t get everything done… and that’s ok.

Need to learn how to delegate more.

Feeling “unspiritual”. Need to fit more “me” and “me and God time” into my life – it’s never a bad thing.

Need to go to bed. Work tomorrow.

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