I decided that I am going to try to read more classics.  Currently I’m working through Robinson Crusoe.  One of the themes running through the book is how Robinson Crusoe came to faith in God after he had been shipwrecked on a deserted island.  And this change of faith changed his perspective on his circumstances.  He became exceedingly thankful and believed God’s mercy had been extended to him.

I admit that I am not naturally a thankful person.  My tendency is to focus on the things that are not working properly, not on what is going right.

Midway through 2010, I stumbled across The Book of Awesome which actually stems from a blog (  It focuses on the ‘little things in life’ and reminds us to stop and appreciate those things because they truly are awesome.  I’ve got this blog on my RSS Feed so every weekday I am reminded of one more awesome thing in life.

This is good for me.  Because as I mentioned above, I don’t tend to be very thankful and I know I should “stop and smell the roses”.

Which leads me to “thankfulness”.  I have another blogging friend who has worked through a list of 1000 things she is thankful for.  It took a couple of years but she got through it.  I’m feeling prompted to start my own “thankful list”.  I’m not as ambitious to try to get to 1000, but I think I’ll try to list something once a week.

So here goes…

I am very thankful for my house church family.  They are one small corner of the body of Christ but they are precious to me.  Through this family I have been able to share my life – the struggles, the triumphs, the up’s and down’s.  Through this family I have been able to share in the lives of others – to mourn with those who mourn, rejoice with those who rejoice, encourage and exhort.  Through this family I have been able to study the Word of God unlike any other context.  I have learned so much more from the Word by seeing it through the life experiences and lenses of the people in this group.  It has given me a much richer perspective than just my limited view (or the limited view of one person preaching from a pulpit).  And through this family I have gained important relationships spanning generations.  I truly love them and they love me.  Isn’t that what the body of Christ is all about?

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  1. I sooo relate to this post. I have been feeling quite negative these days. Thus, I need to be much more thankful. I believe I must document my thankfulness to focus on the beauty that surrounds me instead of focusing on the insignificant specks of dirt.

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