Thankful notes…

I missed blogging last weekend – too busy and worn out.  I’m thankful for a number of things today.

  • My husband – he is awesome! And caring! And self-sacrificing!  At work last week we were 2 bodies down and it was really really busy. I had to go into work early and stay late for a couple of days and my husband took care of everything at home.  I really appreciate him and couldn’t do this without him
  • My ‘new’ body – since October, I’ve embarked on working out consistently and watching (and limiting) what I eat.  As a result (over the 6 months) I have lost 30 pounds and as of this week, I can fit into all my old clothes (clothes I could wear before getting married and having my daughter).  It feels SO good to fit into ‘slim’ clothes again.  And I feel like I’ve never been in this good of shape before.  I’m very thankful that I had the discipline to stick to the plan.  The end results were definitely worth it!
  • Spring – I know there isn’t any evidence that it’s here yet, but it’s coming.  And in spring you can hear the birds singing, the air is fresh and warm.  The remnants of winter (and all the dirt and grime) disappear, the grass begins to grow, and leaves erupt from trees.  I love it! (especially the smell of wet earth after the first spring rain)
  • the love and life of my daughter – I was with my daughter in the mall yesterday.  We were in a shoe store and while I was trying on different kinds of shoes, she found 2 other children in the store.  She sat down beside them and started talking to them.  When the children were leaving with their parents, Lynae ran out of the store to follow them.  I chased after her to stop her, not knowing what she was trying to do.  When I stopped her, she was sad because she wanted to give them a hug goodbye.  Lynae loves people and she loves them freely and generously.  It is such a beautiful quality.  She brings smiles to people’s faces wherever she goes.

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