I survived the Great Purge of 2007

On Saturday, my hubby and I unpacked, purged, and sorted through the rest of our boxes from our move in October. I’ve heard of people who, a couple of years after their move, still hadn’t unpacked all their boxes. I did not want to be one of those people.

I say I survived the Great Purge because working with my husband to sort and purge has the potential to really stress me out. Our personality types are the exact opposite of each other. I am a packrat and he is not. I have to think and evaluate whether or not I will use something in the future. He is able to make quick decisions to keep or toss. I’m glad we’re able to laugh at each other. During our unpacking, I’d want to keep something and then he’d ask me “why”, I wouldn’t have an answer, I’d get flustered and finally say “Fine! Toss it.” Or he would be going through some stuff and before he’d even done anything, I’d say “don’t touch that!” or “what are you doing with that?!”. By the end of the day, I was fried! Too many decisions, too short a period of time.

Despite the stress at times, we got through all the boxes and I’m really glad about that. What took the both of us one day of sorting, would have probably taken me by myself one week. We got rid of at least half of what was in the boxes. And now we can fit everything in one storage room. Plus it’s freed up a room that I can have as ‘my space’. Yay! Progress is being made.

(and even after Saturday, I still think my husband is awesome and I’m so glad I’m married to him 🙂 )

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  1. I am so proud of you both – can I borry Layton to help purge our dark corners of the house…

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