Keys to my survival

getting-things-done.jpg Getting Things Done

At the thought of going back to work in two months, I immediately thought of “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” (don’t you love that title?). I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf, unfinished, for the past two years. I first heard about it when my husband visited an extremely busy pastor in Australia. This pastor swore by the system set up in this book. I’ve known I needed to read this book and implement the system, but ironically, I never got it done. The book talks about getting all the things you’re thinking about in your head out of your head in a way that you will trust yourself to be able to remember them when you need to. I carry SOO much stuff running around in my head, and as a result, I’m usually worrying about something that needs to get done or hasn’t been done, even if its something due months from now. But because this system would really help me at work and I was thinking about work when reading the book, I resisted reading it in my off-hours. Who wants to think about work when they’re not at work?! So now I’m reading the book with a vengence. I NEED to learn how to implement this system before I get to work and get bogged down with the busyness of it all. I believe it will make things easier and help me be even more organized (something you definitely need in the Catering Manager position).

the-big-cook.gifThe Big Cook

One of the things that sucks about working an 8:30pm to 5:00pm job is getting home at 5:30pm to try to whip something together for supper, eating at 6:30pm and then starting the process of putting the kids to bed. It doesn’t leave any time to just ‘hang out’. Plus I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking a lot of fast, overly processed food for meals because the kids like them and they don’t take a lot of time. Interestingly enough, the day I had my interview at the hotel, I saw my hairdresser and she told me about “The Big Cook“. It’s a way of creating a mass amount of meals in one day that you can freeze for future use. The nice thing about this is that when you cook up the meals, they’re fresh (and healthy). It’s not the same as cooking a casserole and then reheating it (which never tastes as good the second time around). My hairdresser said “The Big Cook” has changed her life. It frees up so much more time for your family and you don’t have to wonder ‘what are we going to have for supper?’

So I think these two books are going to be keys to my survival when going back to work full time. Just because I’m working doesn’t mean I have to miss out on my family. It just means I’m going to have to more deliberate about the time I have with them.

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  1. I’m liking the thought of accessing both of these books. Thanks for the phone call today. It was great to talk for real.

  2. Oh ya, and did I mention how much MONEY we saved on meals… and hardly ever have to do the desperate drive-through dinners!

  3. that was interesting…. if you read my post, you will automatically see that I really needed to come here today. thanks for you wisdom. so you are going back to work? i didn’t hear the final decision. i’m glad that God has answered you prayers for direction.

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