• I’ve decided I like my old blog design better
  • Life has been really hard lately, although this past week has been better
  • why does life always seem so busy?
  • I really really love my husband and am so glad I’m married to him and that we’re in this together
  • I love my kids – my heart breaks for them sometimes (I guess that’s what love is about)
  • My day job is hard but rewarding – its no fun being in an industry with major labour shortages
  • I still like my house and am looking forward to finishing my ‘prayer room’ – if only life wasn’t so busy, I’d be done this thing by now (maybe I’ll get closer to the end this weekend)
  • we planted a garden – I wasn’t too terribly excited although I wasn’t opposed to the idea; I have memories of weeding in our very very large farm garden – it was very big – there were a lot of weeds; our garden this year is tiny in comparison so I should survive; plus I can pass on the tradition of weed-pulling to my two sons (I’m sure my daughter will want to help too, although she won’t know the difference between weeds and and peas…)
  • we bought a Matrix and its fun to drive
  • I’m very thankful for our house church friends – I love hanging out with them (and they’ve been praying for our family which has meant a lot to us)
  • I’m thankful for my other friends, too (I get to visit one of them next Thursday – yay!)
  • I’m glad its the weekend (and its sunny and warm outside)

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