Shall I blog?

My blog posts have been very few and far between over the last few months. The Fall is such a difficult time for me due to how busy it gets at work. And this year was worse than last year! It looks like we’ve had over 40% more business for the month of November this year compared to last year. That’s insane! Because November is always a busy month anyways. There’s been new people in the office to try to train and make sure they know what they’re doing (which isn’t easy when its so busy). I’ve felt like I’ve been running in a whirlwind for the past two months. I’m now starting to pull myself out of it (its starting to slow down) and get my bearings again.

I’m getting the sense that there is an area of growth that being tested right now – its the part of me that wants to keep everyone happy. But this does not work so well when you are a manager. There are three areas (all stemming from the above) that I see opportunity for growth: standing up for myself, time management, and delegation.

I don’t anticipate this being an easy process. Moving out of one’s comfort zone never is. But I get the sense that I will be a better person coming out of this growth process. So there’s a side of me that’s looking forward to the outcome.

Life is challenging. And I have friends who are hurting with some pretty severe emotional stuff. I wish I could speed up the healing process but I know I can’t. And then I look at my work stress and realize that it is NOTHING compared to emotional heartache and stress. So then I feel blessed with where I am at. I have a great marriage relationship with my husband (even in the midst of stress), our kids are healthy and for the more part happy. There are challenges and some days are really bad, but this week has been a good week so I’m feeling optimistic about things.

I’d better go. I’m starting to drift to sleep. There’s my update so far…

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  1. Thanks for the post, Carol. I’m sorry it didn’t work to meet last week. I totally understand your work demands and I actually would have been surprised if you could have spared an hour of your workday during your busy season. It sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place for personal growth.

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