Snow day

No school today.  But I’m not letting that deter me.  We’re having ‘school with mom’ instead.  When I told the kids this, my oldest was dismayed, but my youngest thought it would be fun.  Now that we’ve be at it this morning, my youngest doesn’t think its so much fun anymore (but hopefully it will get better for him).  I’m having fun, though.  I love teaching.

Its been a long time since the schools have had to close.  In fact, its the first time the schools have closed for the day in over 20 years (see article here).

This is the worst blizzard to hit Saskatoon since 1955 (see article here).  I was talking to my dad last night and asking him when was the last time he saw a blizzard like this.  He said January 2-3, 1973, which happens to be when I was born (January 3).  Yes, I was born during a blizzard.  (I wonder if that means anything. 🙂 ).  There were a few thoughts running through my mind yesterday, one of them being “I’m sure glad I’m not at work and having to plow through snow and traffic to pick my kids up from school.”

But there was no way for me to pick up my kids when the schools closed early.  Thank goodness its only 5 1/2 blocks away.  They had to walk home in -36 windchill, but they made it with no frozen ears, hands or toes, just rosy cheeks.  They were real troopers, but my youngest thought the winds were going to blow him away.  JHe said, “Mom, this is a day that could kill me!”  I’m glad we don’t have to leave the house today.

This will be a blizzard to remember for a long time.  I am very thankful for a warm house where I can sit with my hot cup of tea and stare out the window at the -40 world outside.