Challenging week

It’s been a challenging week at work.  Very challenging.  My boss was out of the office at training so that left me ultimately responsible for the office.  Every day something was thrown at me that I had to deal with.  While it was stressful a lot of the times, I actually feel good about the week.  With each ‘challenge’ thrown at me, I was able to address the issue and come up with a resolution and/or get help from others to address the problem. 

It feels very natural to be in a leadership role.  I’m very thankful for the company that I work for.  They allow people to grow in leadership.  They don’t micro-manage.  They allow people to question old ways of doing things and are open to new ideas.  They work as a team and offer support where needed and advice when asked.  The more leadership I’m given the more fulfilled I feel (even when faced with numerous challenges).  I think it’s because I feel like I’m making a real difference.  I’m in a position to make changes for the better and I love being able to do that.  I love helping people and equiping them to be the best at their job that they can be.

This week has been challenging but I know I’ve grown through it and am more confident coming out the other side.