My daughter’s been down with a cold for the past two days (she’s extra sweet and snugly when she’s sick) and our cat is under observation at the vet’s as he doesn’t seem to be doing so well either. I hope everyone can get better soon. As much as I love the extra hugs, it’s hard to see those I care about under the weather.


Drat! I forgot to post yesterday. Feeling a bit of a brain drain today. It’s been non-stop busy for the last couple of weeks and all I want to do is be a lump on the couch. That’s the extent of my post for today. Too fried for deep thoughts (or at least the ability to put them into words).

Winter is here

While having the white stuff around is good (Christmas would feel strange without it), I’d much rather have spring and summer. Here’s a little reminder of what we can look forward to 6 months from now.

Still Alice

I watched the movie “Still Alice” tonight. I read the book a couple of months ago and the movie stays true to the book. There’s a line near the end of the movie: “Nothing is lost forever.” It amazes me how this book/movie can tell a story of such tragedy and yet there is hope. And I have to wonder if God feels the same way: nothing is lost forever. […] Read More

Snip snip

Today our boy kitten became a eunuch. And because he was licking his wound so much, he now has to wear the “cone of shame” – boy, was he ever mad when we put that thing on him! The next few days could be interesting…

“Glitter” & Spice & Everything Nice

Today is my daughter’s 9th birthday. She brings us such joy! She is our little ray of light (her middle name means that). She’s fun and quirky and has so much love and empathy in her heart. To celebrate her birthday and my “birthing day”, we both went shopping with her grandma Jan at the Glitter after hours shopping night at Lawson Heights Mall. Grandma bought her some books she’s […] Read More

One crazy busy week

It’s going to be one crazy busy week. Tonight was birthday party #1 for my girl. Tomorrow is birthday party #2 with the grandparents followed by shopping with grandma in the evening. I have stuff up Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as meetings and appointments during the days. For some people this might be a normal week but I do NOT like being this busy (especially when most of […] Read More

On the Prairie Lily

I took this photo this summer on the Prairie Lily paddle boat touring the South Saskatchewan river in Saskatoon. It has not been photoshopped. I’ve had an incredibly busy weekend, am completely fried and this post is taking as little brain power and energy as possible.

Oh, whoops! / Perfectionism, my nemesis

I completely forgot to post yesterday. Whoops! I spent a portion of today preparing for what I’m going to talk about at church next week. And perfectionism is rearing it’s ugly head. I’ve been agonizing over this for weeks. I want to get it ‘just right’. But I’m getting the impression I need to trust God and be myself. The topic I’m speaking on is shame and grace so it’s […] Read More